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About me

I am just an autodidact, and so, by comparison, I am rather slow in my efforts. My desire to become an artist began when I watched the paintings of Peter Kuckei in Emden, and came to a grinding halt when the ‘Hochschule der Künste’ (Arts College) in Berlin – at that time for me the "only true" college of arts – returned my map together with a notice of rejection.
Obviously at that time I was too young and not modest enough, to hand in an application which complied with the demand of being real art. Today I think that the HDK was right. My application showed all signs of ‘Sprezzatura’ while pretending to be artistically active, I performed the opposite of a serious effort. That was duly noticed and I was rejected. Only a few things in my life were more embarrassing, and never again did I take part in an official assessment regarding arts. But for the rest of my life I will perform a serious effort.

So I became a painter and not an artist – and yet I am fascinated by the art of painting.
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